Exercise and Varicose Veins

Careers that encourage prolonged standing and sitting are usually the cause of diseased veins. Other factors are pregnancy and heredity. However, if your chances of getting varicose veins are high, there are practical ways of ensuring that your veins are healthy for life.

The most important principle for maintaining healthy veins is exercise. Some exercises are more beneficial to veins than other. During the exercise, blood will be pumped to your heard from the veins in the arch of your foot as well as your calf muscle. If your calf muscle is strong, that will promote healthy blood circulation and thus minimize your chances of suffering from vein disease.

What exercises will offer the best vein health and which will have a negative impact?

  1. Walking

get rid of varicose veinsIt is very obvious that walking is quite effective for the prevention of varicose veins. During walking, the calf muscles will contract and relax and thus release the blood in the legs.

If you walk 9-to-5, visiting a co-worker is better than emailing, don’t take the short route to any other office or the bathroom. You can equally try a 10-minute walk during your break. I try to take a short walk for about two minutes or more every hour. Whenever possible, take the stairs.

If you travel by train or plan frequently, cultivate the habit of taking a short walk down the aisle every hour.

If you are a professional drive, stop at intervals to stretch your legs.

  1. Calf flexors

If you are an office worker, this exercise is for you because you can easily do it in a sitting position. If you spend a lot of time on trains or planes, it is for you too.

  • To start it, put your feet flat on the floor.
  • Raise your toes gently to stretch your calf muscle.
  • Lower your toes and raise your heels.
  • Repeat the rocking motion for a couple of minutes whenever you want.

Alternatively, stretch your legs in front of you. You can choose between pulling your toes up towards the ceiling and pointing them forwards. You can combine the two simultaneously or alternate them to give you a paddling motion experience.

You can boost your blood circulation with other forms of exercises you can do while sitting.

  1. Running

get rid of varicose veinsAlthough you can’t run while at work, you can do this early in the morning or later in the evening.  Your circulation will receive a major boost if you go for running. It will also help with the pumping of blood from your legs, exercise your heart, and remove toxins from your body. If your heart becomes stronger, that will boost your overall circulation throughout the day.

You don’t need to spend much time on running. You can jog for only 20 minutes a day to start your journey to improved fitness.

  1. Yoga

get rid of varicose veinsIf you are not passionate about running, Yoga may be more appealing. Yoga will help you to stretch all your muscles, a welcome relief if your legs are stiff after a prolonged sitting throughout the day. You can choose different Yoga poses for a variety of fitness levels.

Ashtanga and Vinyasa, high-speed Yoga forms, can boost your blood circulation as you move between poses. Nevertheless, slower forms of Yoga can also boost your blood circulation if you have to raise your legs above your heart in several poses as your blood is moved away from your lower legs.

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  1. Mountain climbers

get rid of varicose veinsMountain climbers is a good exercise you can do from home. You can start in a plank position and then pull one of your knees up to your chest. Return and repeat the same with your other leg.

If you want a tougher workout, increase the speed. You may pair this exercise with other endurance exercises if you better result.

  • While standing or sitting, move your feet back and forth from the heel to toe while your legs are firmly put on the ground. This will activate the calf pump.
  • While sitting, travelling, or standing for a prolonged period of time, wear compression hose. Do this during pregnancy too. As a rule, don’t do without it.
  • Except when going for special occasions, don’t wear high heels. This is because wearing high heels weakens your calf muscles and that prevents good blood circulation.

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